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Our Services

Forward Thinking by being Creative and Unique

Eco-friendly by adopting Sustainability and Green Environment approaches.

Our Fields of Expertise

In its continuous effort to achieve excellence, Prolight LLC provides intelligent lighting solutions for retail, leisure, office, health care, residential, industrial, private and public sectors. We work closely with our clients, including architects, designers, consultants and engineers to achieve creative, flexible and practical lighting schemes for exterior and interior environments. We provide technical support, product specification, design of customized lighting, and managing the supply and delivery of all lighting fixtures and fittings.

As we believe that Experience is one the keys to success, we learned that successful lighting solutions are achieved by blending the right combination of design and engineering. We learned also that technical issues, such as compliance and performance, are balanced in such a way to create an inviting, inspiring and safe environment.

Not only are we intimately involved throughout the design process, but we ensure that our lighting plans conform to all life safety, sustainability and green energy codes, and are compatible with most power and controls systems. In addition, our lighting professionals work with all members of the project team to develop designs which enhance the architectural vision, meet task and user needs, complement the interior design.

We know the importance that our Clients place on lighting that is not only functional, but beautiful and unique We understand the difference between vision and realization and. We have a proven track record of taking a vision and turning it into reality considering the time, budget, and in a way that is easy to maintain.

Our range of services runs but is not limited to the following:

  • Architectural and Landscape lighting
  • Indoor Design / Decorative lighting
  • Commercial / Industrial Lighting
  • Outdoor technical / Design lighting
  • LED solutions
  • Street Lighting
  • Home and Building Automation
  • Turnkey and Customized Lighting Solutions